Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Homeschooler's Rant

WARNING: extreme homeschooler rant with really no purpose below:

As in every generation, teenagers basically have an entire vocabulary to themselves; a vocabulary complied of phrases we use a lot. But why is it that about half of these have incorrect grammar? We repeat these phrases over and over again, getting them ingrained in our minds. I wonder how many of us even think about what we are saying. The intelligence of the English language (at least in America) is declining by the generation.  Why? I've always thought it was perfectly natural, but why is that? Does the birth of new inventions that make life more convenient really call for the simplification of our language? What reasons do we have for making English easier and easier to speak? Shouldn't we be just as intelligent as our ancestors? Maybe it's the school systems, maybe it's individual laziness, I don't know. But I'm just saying that our language is slowly crumbling away. What will it be like in 100 years? 

Just to clarify, I'm just as guilty as the people I'm criticizing. I use these "teenager phrases" just as much as the average kid. This is post is probably loaded with grammatical errors too. I don't know and I'm too lazy to check. 
All I'm saying is, please think about how you express yourself. Our "phrases" are funny when they're said at the right time. It's all a part of being a teenager. But please, please realize when you're not using correct grammar. I really don't know how to end this but yay for nerdy rants. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

That Night My Brain Decided to Write a Poem

The other night while lying in bed I ran across this picture:

Seeing this made me really really sad. I've never had to struggle with depression like this but I know so many people who do and have. I want with all of my heart to help them but I don't know how. As I was thinking about this, my brain decided that it was going to write a poem. It also decided to keep me up until 12 am writing it. (Yes I know, my poor innocent body is being tyrannized by a brain many times smaller than itself. Poor body.) As you can see I was feeling very creative when I came up with the name.

Poem About Stuff

I see people all around me, their faces making up the crowd.
No one stops to listen, no one speaks out loud.

Each person has their story, has their own hopes and fears.
Each person has a pillow that they've soaked in countless tears.

They feel ugly, unwanted, hurt, alone, rejected and downtrodden.
And in case they ever forget, the scars will eagerly remind them.

They hide their tears under a smile, they put their brave face on.
They try to hide their pain fearing that we will wish them gone.

My heart aches for the people who think no one is watching;
The ones who waste away while loved ones they're still touching.

I wish that I could help, but what you think is up to you.
To love and to remind you is all that I can do.

Please remember that there's Someone who loves you without end.
Your trials matter to Him and He can help you more than any friend.

Smile, you are beautiful. Laugh, because you're worth it.
Don't waste your life in sorrow; don't fall into that lonely pit.

Like a road your life will have many twists and turns.
You'll run into ruts and puddles, you will get bruises and burns.

But what matters is how you take them, the perspective that you use.
Is life a grand adventure or a battle you decide to lose?

Pain can't be fixed by just a poem, yes I understand.
But self-pity is a trap, so similar to sinking sand.

Live life with no limits, your future is bright.
Trust God with the rest, and your path He will light.

He can handle your problems, but you have to let go.
Give Him the control, you were created to glow.

No matter what happens He'll always be here.
Remember that when you start succumbing to fear.

Please don't self-harm, please don't leave this earth.
There are people who love you, and it's HE who defines your worth.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Letter to my Senator

Send a letter to your STATE representative and STATE senator, thanking them for serving and telling them about one issue/idea you think is important in your state.

This was one of my many homework assignments when I signed up for a Teenpact four-day class in February. Teenpact is a leadership class for Christian teens where they learn about our government, how to pray for elected officials, and how to make an impact in our society. While Teenpact was an amazing experience, this blog entry is about this specific homework assignment.

 When I first was faced with this task, I had to ask myself; "What do I really think is important?" I wanted to be honest with myself in order to make this letter as sincere as possible. The truth was that this was a question I had never really asked before, or even thought about.

 In the end I decided to write about our education system. This was inspired by what I saw around me everyday. Because I am home-schooled, I can't observe this directly, but I can see evidence of it in many places. When I logged onto Instagram, I saw that teenager or funny accounts for teens had several, if not most of their posts dedicated to complaining about school. I saw people in public making their hatred for it clear. It has actually become an accepted part of society to dislike, avoid, or even hate school. Think about how wrong this is. In the past, education has been a privilege. And for many years, women were not allowed this privilege. Neither were African Americans. These people who were forbidden to learn were the ones who craved it. They were the ones who paid great prices and risked many things, including their lives, to obtain it. Now in the United States, we have a free education system open to all children. Yet they don't appreciate this priceless gift.

 I think there are several reasons for this. Some of them could be the lack of knowledge of how important education is; bullying, gangs, and other forms of abuse; and bad teachers. This last reason is the one I chose talk about in my letter.

 When there is teacher standing in front of a board for an hour, speaking with a monotonous voice about a topic he himself has no interest in whatsoever, it's incredibly easy to lose focus. A class like this is boring, hard to learn, and hard to stay motivated in. I think that students can even build up a mental block from exposure to this which prohibits further learning. If all of my classes are like the previous example, school becomes probably most boring and tedious event in my life.

 This is why I think a good teacher is essential to learning. If I am given an energetic teacher who cares deeply about the subject he is teaching, and is determined on showing his students the wonder of it, I will have a much easier time in class, possibly even to the point of enjoying it. A good teacher can make the most boring subject fun. If teachers are not passionate about their subject and teaching it, how can they expect a student to respond positively? Excitement can rub off on people, and it will at least spark interest.

 In my letter, I proposed a better testing system for teachers. I thought that an essential part of this testing should be exposure to the students themselves. While this hands-on testing is done, I thought that the most important part should be measuring the students' interest. The potential teacher should be graded based on how well he can capture the attention of his students and give them information they want to hear. If all testing was done thoroughly this way, we would have excellent teachers in schools all over the nation. This might not fix the problems we have, but it would make a difference.

 The education of children is an important issue because in twenty years they will be the majority of employed individuals. This nation is going to be placed into the hands of these children, and we need to make sure that these hands are capable of handling it. An education cannot fix everything, but it is a significant factor and one that should not be ignored.

The letter to my Senator

Sunday, March 23, 2014


You're not good at anything. Your personality is weird. You're ugly.  You don't fit in. 

How many times have I told myself these lies? How many times have I allowed that voice in my head to lead me onto the path of insecurity? How many times have I forgotten that I am a Child of God?

 We all want to be beautiful. We all want to be loved and admired. We all want to mean something to someone. But who do we want to be admired by? Our peers? Ordinary human beings who constantly make mistakes? We search for this approval from sinful people when we can have it from the Creator of the universe. I think we forget  sometimes that we are Children of God, and how much He sacrificed so that He could hang out with us forever. I think the power of His love is so strong that it's impossible for us to imagine. And when God loves us, what more do we need?

 We see flaws in ourselves because we compare ourselves to others. A comparison that really impacted me was when I imagined that I had been given a gift; a wonderful gift that the giver had spent a lot of time working on, one he had picked just for me. And when I received this gift, all I did was complain about how ugly it was, how much I hated it, and how I wanted someone else's gift. You can only imagine how that would make the giver feel. God is that Giver. And he has given you a body, a personality and a heart that are unique; that are one-of-a-kind and BEAUTIFUL. You are beautiful because you were made by a beautiful and perfect God. And perfect people never make mistakes. You were made in the image of God, and who else would you want to be modeled after? You are beautiful because you are you.

 We define beauty as society does. What else has society done? They have made sinning a norm, and have made people that were once free into slaves of sin. Society turns people into monsters, and this is who we search for approval from? This is an obvious problem. Don't let society define beautiful for you, show society what beautiful really is. 

 You were born to stand out for God. You were born to reflect His beauty and the only way we can truly do this is by listening to Him. When we fall off of this path where we walk with God, our life is meaningless. A life without God is a life without purpose, but a life with God for its purpose is beautiful. When God is in your heart and is your top priority, you will be beautiful. His light will shine through you in such a powerful way that it will be impossible to not notice. His love is the only thing that can make us truly beautiful, and the only thing that can keep us that way.


“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”
                                                         - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dancing With God

This is my goal in life; to dance with God. To place my trust in in Him and leave all my cares and worries at His feet. To be held tightly in His arms as we dance to the song of life. He is the only one I live to glorify. I know that as a human I will fall. But as His daughter I will be caught and lifted up again. 
 This blog is about my thoughts as I walk through life. As a teenager, I see life as a big empty page in front of me, waiting to be written on. As a Christian, I see my life as a possibility to glorify God and to spread His name. Life is a wonder and a marvelous gift. And God has given it to each of us, to be used as we see fit. I'm not sure how I'm going to use this gift just yet. I'll count on God to lead me the right way. For now, I'm content to be just where I am, wondering about the world and thinking my own thoughts. That's what this blog is about. Just my thoughts and my opinions, as I dance with God.

Home is behind, the world ahead, 
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night, 
Until the stars are all alight.
-J.R.R. Tolkien